Reed Winder

How It Works

This reed winder system was invented to provide a consistent method of applying the thread at a constant or more controlled tension then simply by free handing the turban with thread or with hot melt glue.

The Vinoski Reed Winder has an adjustable table mounting clamp, two oil impregnated bronze bearings, and two thrust bearings driving a keyless chuck that accepts round and hexagon mandrels. Shown below in Photograph 1 is the device with a bobbin thread tensioner and the threading tool.
Photograph 1

How to change Drive Sides.

To move the Bass-Clef Crank-arm to the opposite side. First remove the keyless chuck and then remove the thrust nut. Pull the shaft from the left-side, collecting the thrust washer, and then insert it into and through the right-side. Slide the thrust washer on the main shaft, and then screw on the thrust nut. Tighten the thrust nut to the desired tension.  Screw on the keyless chuck. The thrust washers, bearings, and thrust nut faces can be lubricated with grease or oil.

How to control the tension of the main drive shaft.

Grasp the Bass-Clef Crank-arm and Body frame at the same time. Use the 7/16” wrench to slightly tighten or loosen the thrust nut (yellow arrow) to set the tension as desired.